Tracie Austin

Tracie Austin Peters, Let's Talk ParanormalTracie Austin was born in England 1965.

Having completed various studies at Cauldon College of Further Ed. in 1984, Tracie re-located to London a year later to study at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama as a concert pianist, and to teach her instrument in schools. Her interest in UFOs first began there, when she witnessed a UFO, an event that would later change her life!

In 1989, Tracie moved back to her hometown of Staffordshire to teach piano/keyboard to numerous students, and became Project Manager of a popular music tuition agency. Her second daylight sighting occurred in May of 1996. A profound sighting of a black, boomerang object that changed shape, was observed by other witnesses, and made a second appearance that day over her house! The Television channel “BBC Digital” became aware of her sighting, and during the making of their TV documentary titled “Over the Moon”, Tracie told her story and re-enacted her sighting.

It was in June of 1996, that she hosted her first UFO conference, which became a major success. Radio appearances followed, as well as articles in local newspapers and invitations to speak on the subject at various organizations. A second conference followed in 1998.

Research into the UFO phenomena has been an on-going process since her first sighting in 1987, and she has investigated some highly strange UFO activity. Personal sightings of UFOs continue to date.

Tracie was invited as MC, and guest speaker at the 2005 annual MUFON symposium in Denver. She has appeared in newsstand publications such as the MUFON Journal Journal, UFO Magazine and Psychic Times International.

She is author of the book Welcome to Haunted Las Vegas, Nevada published by Schiffer, which details true ghost accounts in the Silver State as researched and documented by LVSSI – Las Vegas Society of Supernatural Investigations. She has recently completed writing her second book regarding Alien Encounters which is to be published in 2012.

Tracie is the Executive Producer and Host of her own cable TV talk show originally produced in California and now located in Las Vegas called “Let’s Talk…Paranormal” which has become quite a success in the USA.


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    Hello, I just heard about the UFO Symposium for women that you will be sponsoring in Texas next year. Our show, the Kate Valentine UFO Show, broadcasts live over the NY, NJ, Conn area from 1 to 2 PM EST on Friday afternoons. It would be wonderful if either you or someone from the symposium would like to come on for an interview about the symposium. At this time all of January is open.